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So far all I have here is my self-published comics. Eventually I'll be selling prints of my artwork as well. Email me with any questions or requests.

Unpleasant People #1 and 2 Unpleasant People #1 and 2
Meet evil villain Lord Zoloft, his spicy second-in-command Magda and the unfortunate temp charged with keeping them in business, Esperanza. May contain ninjas, dinosaurs, barbarian heros and stale coffee.
This book contains the first two issues.

Temporarily out of stock

Unpleasant People #3 Unpleasant People #3
A small, short-lived victory for the villains and a thickening of the plot.
20 pages, black-and-white, screen-printed covers will vary
Unpleasant People #4 Unpleasant People #4
In which some coffee is spilled, some issues are aired and some people are total douchebags.
24 pages, black-and-white, covers will vary
Unpleasant People #5 Unpleasant People #5
There are some tough negotiations, Thanksgiving goes down and Esperanza discovers something very, very unpleasant...
32 pages, black-and-white, cover colors will vary, may be glittery
All 5 issues Unpleasant People All 5 Issues of Unpleasant People
Get the whole story so far and save a few bucks!
Brain Parts Brain Parts #0-4
Small collections of short and 1-page comics.
8 pages each, cover colors may vary
$2.00 each
$9.00 for all 5 together
Private Parts Private Parts
Dirty jokes, nipples and random gay sex stuff.
San Papel Tales from San Papel
A western anthology featuring the work of 23 artists
104 pages, black-and-white
Breaking and Entering Breaking and Entering
A little naughty tale. Crime doesn't pay.
12 pages, black-and-white, covers are screen-printed and will vary
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